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GroundZen Floormat Zenapura
GroundZen Floormat Zenapura
GroundZen Floormat Zenapura
GroundZen Floormat Zenapura
GroundZen Floormat Zenapura

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Good Quality and Warm

I am happy with this mat. I used it in the office and in the living room over the winter and it helped me get grounded while I couldn't be outside. I am sure this helps with my inflamation.

Elizabeth Miller
Life enhancing

This ground mat is truly life enhancing. Its ability to reconnect me with the earths natural energy, improve sleep and relaxation and manage stress is nothing short of miraculous. This has been the most important purchase of my life. Love it!

Sam Cushen
How have i not bought this sooner?

I used to come in from work stressed and tired. Now when I get home I'm excited because I can sit down and place my feet on this mat and feel my worries melt away, amazing.

Christie Beasley
Great for grounding

My friend mentioned grounding and this is one of the first products I found. I love reconnecting with the earth after a long day of stress. It's so good it's part of my daily routine.

Wallace Baker
My mum loves it

Got this for my mum as she is big into health and wellfullness and she loves it. Easy to use and she said she has noticed a lot of improvements. 10/10 from her!

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